LoserCoin Project Entered into a Partnership with Fork-Finance Project

Hello,everyone Forker and Loser.

After community consultation, we established a cooperative relationship between the two communities. Thanks Fork-Finance community for their recognition of LoserCoin project. We have great confidence in the cooperation.

After consultation, we reached an agreement:

  • Fork-Finance: GMT+8 time at 19:00 on April 28, the project team will start a two-week LOWB Single Pool, where 50,000 CHECK tokens are produced per day.
  • LoserCoin: the project team will provide 200 million LOWB coins to the Fork-Finance Community.

Note: the Check tokens are an intermediate products of the Fork-Finance project’s life cycle, and you can swap them for other tokens on the BSC at Pancakeswap.

Next, the Fork-Finance project team will be making IDFO offerings for two times (Initial Defi-Farm Offering is an original model that combines IFO and IDO, which you can read about a little later).

The time of Fork-Finance IDFO offerings will be given in the next two days. All Forkers and Losers, please hold on your Check tokens and get ready to exchange them for LOWB coins.

Welcome to participate in the activity!

Contract Address

LOWB Contract Address:

Fork Contract Address:

Check Contract Address:


Within dazzling terminology, we can go further and further on the road to be a Loser. (Pretend to smile, ^_^)

  • ICO:Initial Coin Offering,refers to the token offerings which offer to the public for the first time by raising mainly polupar cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to fund the operation of the project.
  • IEO:Initial Exchange Offerings,refers to the token offerings which offer to the public by the exchange as core role. The Tokens skip ICOs and go directly to exchanges.
  • IMO:Initial Miner Offerings,refers to the token offerings which offer to the public by selling miners/hardwares.
  • IFO:Initial Fork Offerings,refers to the token offerings which offer to the public by forking the mainly popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to produce a new type of cryptocurrencies.
  • IDO:Initial DEX Offerings,refers to the token offerings which offer to the public by Decentralized Liquidity Exchange.

DEX is the shorten pattern of “Decentralized Exchange”.

  • In the traditional trading model, without OTC(Over the Counter / private trading), the only way to trading cryptocurrencies is an exchange (e.g. Binance, Huobi Global).
  • The exchange is a “centralized” role, and it controls all your virtual currency property, which goes against the original intention of some digital currency values.
  • DEX platform enables you to exchange different tokens on some blockchain by connecting to your blockchain wallet, which is a decentralized transaction mode.

There are two scenarios which is helpful for understanding the decentralized model of DEX, and remember: every token transaction has a romantic name: liquidity.

  • Exchange ERC20(ERC20 is the Token standard protocol for the Ethereum blockchain) tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain (ETH) on Uniswap.
  • Exchange BEP20(BEP20 is the Token standard protocol for the Binance Smart Chain) tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on PancakeSwap.

If you don’t understand, that’s right, because:

  • We are both loser.

Welcome to join the LoserCoin Community.

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The newest trading url on PancakeSwap to exchange USDT/LOWB:

  • https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955&outputCurrency=0x843D4a358471547f51534e3e51fae91cb4Dc3F28

“Let loser be great gain again!”