Collaboration with $GAME

LoserCoin Project is excited to announce the collaboration with $GAME (View on BSCScan).

The total supply of $GAME tokens is ONLY 6666, 31% of which has done a massive giveaway to our top 1000 holders of $LOWB. Snapshot has been taken at 15:00 PM (UTC), 23 May.

The airdrop rule is simple. Just by rankings of $LOWB Holders:

  • Ranking 1–20: 6 $GAME tokens
  • Ranking 21–50: 5 $GAME tokens
  • Ranking 51-100: 4 $GAME tokens
  • Ranking 101–300: 3 $GAME tokens
  • Ranking 301–600: 2 $GAME tokens
  • Ranking 601–1000: 1 $GAME token

After the $GAME token airdrop, GAME-LOWB liquidity mining pool was launched to produce 20,000,000 $LOWB everyday. The $GAME team will be our strategic partner to contribute to our community.

LOWB/GAME token trading pair has started on PancakeSwap platform at 14:00 PM, 23 May (UTC). Please only consider the LOWB/GAME trading pair (GAME-USDT or GAME-BNB pair is not provided by us).

1000 $GAME tokens are provided in liquidity pool. The initial price is:

  • 1000 $GAME = 100000000 $LOWB

The rest $GAME tokens will be rewarded to $LOWB holders in future. Just hold on your $LOWB tokens, loser guys!

LoserCoin, Let Loser Be Great Again!