Losercoin (ticker symbol: $LOWB; BSC contract: 0x843D4a358471547f51534e3e51fae91cb4Dc3F28) is a project initiated by two poor guys from China, one is a father of two kids from a village, the other one is a coder living a miserable life by working 60 hours a week.

Two founders first heard about Bitcoin in 2017 and lost a shit ton of money trading it. They started this project as an open journey and were fully prepared to lose everything. The two founders have added their whole life savings into the liquidity pool. It is guaranteed that the project team will not manipulate the price of $LOWB due to lack of capital, and there will be no rug pull.




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Safe and Simple

Audit Report

You can download and read the Audit Report of Losercoin from this link.

Low gas fee

All transactions and trasfers can be viewed here. We do not burn coins during transfers, so we have lower gas fee.

Exchange Support

We are listed on Gate.io, Big.one, Bkex.com, Bilaxy.com, Hoo.com. For the full list of exchanges, please check here.